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Personalized Tote Bags, Custom Tote Bags, Embroidered Tote Bags


Custom Canvas Tote Bags, Custom Embroidered Tote Bags

Personalized tote bags or the ability to design your own custom tote bag online is offered by many screen printing, embroidery, promotional products and decorated apparel companies.

Crooked Brook is not a decorated apparel nor a promotional products company; it is a label used by the atelier division of our art studio.

Our shop is a full-service apparel design, pattern making, sample making, and small lot production atelier. In addition, we offer custom tote bags that you can personalize with;


 Custom Printed Tote Bags, Custom Imprinted Tote Bags

Embroidery, appliqué and tackle twill are not suitable for all logos or designs because more often than not, the artwork was designed for print. With print, letters can be much smaller and colors can be incorporated more fluidly than with embroidery, appliqué or tackle twill.

Therefore, for some logos or designs, screen printed tote bags are a better option and a lower cost alternative to appliquéd, tackle twilled or embroidered tote bags.


Cheap Tote Bags, Cheap Canvas Tote Bags

Tote bags are made of any sturdy fabric with cotton canvas being the most popular. Some high-end fashion brands offer women's tote bags (tote handbags) in luxury fabrics or leather.

Custom tote bag prices are determined by the brand, quantity, style, size, complexity of the logo or design and method of customization.

Please be advised; when you buy a cheap tote bag, that is exactly what you get… a cheap tote bag.

Cheap tote bags are thin, loose their shape, color and shrink excessively after the first wash.

Numerous decorated apparel and promotional products advertise "Cheap Tote Bags", “Cheap Canvas Tote Bags" or "Discount Canvas Tote Bags".

If you are interested in high quality custom printed tote bags, tote bags personalized with embroidery, appliqué or tackle twill, choose from the brands below and click here to order.



Liberty Bags

$2.52 - $4.98

Style# 7002 7002 Liberty Bags Boat Tote Style# 8801 8801 Liberty Bags Small Tote
Style# 8802 8802 Liberty Bags Large Tote with Zipper Closure Style# 8817 8817 Liberty Bags Banker Briefcase


Harriton Tote Bags

$2.38 - $5.58

Style# M905 M905 Harriton Canvas Tote Style# M907 M907 Harriton Canvas Tote
Style# M910 M910 Harriton Canvas Tote with Contrasting Handles Style# M915 M915 Harriton Contrast Handle Tote Bag
Style# M920 M920 Harriton Poly Zipper Bag  


BagEdge Tote Bags

$2.20 - $9.90

Style# BE004 BE004 BAGedge 12 oz. Canvas Boat Tote Style# BE003 BE003 BAGedge 8 oz. Canvas Tote
Style# BE007 BE007 BAGedge 6 oz. Canvas Promo Tote Style# BE008 BE008 BAGedge 12 oz. Canvas Book Tote
Style# BE009 BE009 BAGedge 12 oz. Canvas Zippered Book Tote Style# BE010 BE010 BAGedge 12 oz. Canvas Tote with Contrasting Handles
Style# BE028 BE028 BAGedge Pocket Stuffer Shopper Style# XVT XVT BAGedge Two-Tone Tote


Econcious Tote Bags

$2.26 - $19.00

Style# EC8005 EC8005 econscious 7 oz. Everyday Tote Style# EC8030 EC8030 econscious 14 oz. Organic Cotton Boat Tote
Style# EC8075 EC8075 econscious Nonwoven Grocery Tote  


Port Authority Tote Bags



100% Organic Cotton Grocery Tote

●12-ounce, 100% certified organic cotton twill
●Organic cotton web handles reinforced with stress-point stitching
●Dimensions: 13"w x 15.5"h x 7"d
●One Color


HYP Tote Bags

$7.98 - $15.98

Style# HY805HY805 Hyp 8 oz.Toca Tote Style# HY806HY806 Hyp Reversible Printed Terry-Lined Tote
Style# HY801

HY801 Hyp 16 oz. Beach Tote Bag



Authentic Pigment Tote Bags

$13.38 - $13.78

Style# 1904 1904 Authentic Pigment Pigment-Dyed Large Canvas Tote Style# 1906 1906 Authentic Pigment 14 oz. Direct-Dyed Raw-Edge Tote  


Anvil Tote Bags


Style# 301 301 Anvil 14 oz. Boater Tote Bag  





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